RMGT 1130 LX

Max.Size: 113 x 82 cm (44 x 32 inch)


Description: RMGT11 LX (Wide stock range press)

1130LX-6 CC LD

The RMGT 11 LX (wide stock range press) features a sheet transfer system that employs unique air management technology and a skeleton transfer cylinder that keeps the surface of the printed sheets from coming into contact with the cylinder. This prevents scratching and smearing, ensuring high printing quality. The lineup also includes models with coating units and curing units to handle high-grade high-gloss printing work.

*Skeleton transfer cylinder keeps surface of printed sheets from coming into contact with cylinder.

*Air chamber below transfer cylinder ensures stable sheet transfer for a wide range of sheet thicknesses.

*Gripper height adjustment device adjusts the gripper pad height on the transfer cylinder according to the sheet thickness.

*Remote controlled ink oscillating rollers dead point positioning (ink light and shade position remote control) and other ink adjustment devices specially for printing on heavy stock (optional).

*Automatic non-stop feeder and delivery shutter boosts productivity for continuous printing on heavy stock (option)
Delta-type dampening system eliminates the need for hickey removal when printing on heavy stock (option).

*Chamber coater system maintains a consistent coating thickness regardless of printing speed (option).


Max. printing speed 15,000 S.P.H.
Max. sheet size 820 x 1,130 mm
Min. sheet size 460 x 620 mm
Max. printing area 810 x 1,120 mm
Paper thickness 0.04 - 1.0 mm

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The RMGT Series are a high-throughput machines able to produce high-quality commercial products, as well as color-dominant short-run jobs with fast make-readies and consistent repeatability.

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