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Cutting Knives Supply

 We are a Bulgarian company dealing with all kind of used printing equipment, service and consultation from more 12 years. 

If you need a new high-quality paper cutting knife for your guillotine, we could deliver it for you - professionally grinded and precisely hardened.  

Type of paper cutting knives 

 Paper cutting knives /for single guillotines/ 

 Three-Knife Trimmer 

 Trimmer knives

Steel quality

1. Standard steel - the quality of hardened cutting steel is well-proved and suitable for universal use. 

2.HSS steel with 18% Tungsten - approximately 300-500% higher cutting result. 

3.Tungsten Carbide Steel - for cutting quantities of always same kind of paper

4. High Carbon / High Chrome (Solid) Steel - shearing cut only for Upper and Lower knives.


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