RMGT 790

Max.Size: 79 x 60 cm (31 x 23 inch)

Extras: Autoplate

Description: RMGT7 790 model

790ST-5 CC LD

The 790 models can be configured according to customer needs, providing the optimum printing environment for increasing productivity and profitability. A highly reliable mechanism featuring the latest technologies and advanced automation devices, combined with a digital-controlled printing control system, ensures high-speed, high-quality printing.

*Easily handles 8-up printing of B5 size.

*Double-diameter transfer cylinder for stable sheet transport.

*Program inking, automatic plate changing system, various preset devices, and other automation systems significantly shorten make-ready.

*Fully automatic convertible perfecting device capable of one-pass perfecting.

*Thick cardboard specification model handles sheet thicknesses up to 0.8 mm (option).

*An IR, UV, or LED-UV curing unit can be installed at the delivery section (option).


Model ST (straight press)/PF (convertible perfector)
Max. printing speed 16,000 S.P.H./15,000 S.P.H.
Max. sheet size 600 x 788 mm
Min. sheet size 200 x 279 mm
-Straight printing: 200 x 279 mm
-Perfecting: 295 x 325 mm
Max. printing area
-790ST-S/(PF-S): 545 x 765 mm
-790ST-XL/(PF-XL): 580 x 765 mm
Paper thickness 0.04 - 0.6 mm
(Thick cardboard specification:
0.04 - 0.8 mm)
-Straight printing: 0.04 - 0.6 mm
-Perfecting: 0.04 - 0.4 mm

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The RMGT Series are a high-throughput machines able to produce high-quality commercial products, as well as color-dominant short-run jobs with fast make-readies and consistent repeatability.

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